About C.E.O.

Amanullah Ch.

Born in a mediocre family and being the eldest son of his parents, he started learning the craft of architecture at an early age. Always focusing on higher targets in life, he explored very minute details of the craft. Once a complete master of the trade, he chose to start his own business in Sialkot. Since the start of business he had a mission to transform people's dream into reality. Soon this name became synonymous to quality of workmanship, strict adherence to standards and use of supreme quality materials.

After a journey of 23 years Hassan Builders is the name renowned and respected in the market for timely completion of job coupled with quality that surpasses clients' demands. Hassan Builders always looks for workers' potentials, grooms their talents and creates craftsmen of supreme rank. An array of such crafty workers, personal vision and customer focus has won Hassan Builders the success that one could dream about.